Manual Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide for Adults and Children

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Current media is flooded with scientific research confirming the benefits of meditation. With the advent of brain-imaging technology and advances in physiological testing, scientists are able to measure how meditation can significantly increase brain growth, reduce stress, enhance cognition, boost the immune system, and promote self-regulation, empathy, and emotional intelligence. These reports have triggered an astonishing movement around the globe; as though professionals were just waiting for substantiated proof that would legitimize using ancient meditation methods in their field of work.

The research has caused leaders in parenting, education, and mental health to not only learn meditation for themselves, but help their patients, children, or students.

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To meet the demand there has been an outpouring of innovative and helpful programs, which are rooted in traditional methods of meditation. Some use music, combined with relaxation techniques; others use mindfulness in everyday activities or breathing techniques, visualization, and repetition of words, and positive thinking. Reports from these programs seem to share similar outcomes — after practicing meditation, children and adults feel healthier, perform better, learn more quickly, and enjoy more happiness.

So how is meditation affecting our world? In the field of education, we are seeing changes in how we educate children using more introspective, mind-developing curriculum. Children are practicing daily meditation in the classroom to foster self-esteem, promote self-regulation, and enhance mental health, emotional intelligence, patience, and social skills. Because of the many benefits that meditation gives a person, it is quickly becoming an accepted addition to curriculum in the primary and secondary grades up to college and university levels.

What is mindfulness?

The rapidly spreading awareness about meditation has taken the world by storm. Overnight, it seems that everyone is hearing about it, talking about it, and asking about it. Many have now a clear understand how turning one's focus inwardly and being calm could help kids, especially those suffering from some degree of attention deficit or for those dealing with some addiction.

Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — Heidi has been practicing breath awareness for more than thirty years.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Promising scientific reports are motivating parents, educators, and child-care professionals to learn about meditation. What technique is best? Is meditation safe? How do I teach children? However, for a novice, sorting through information, deciding which technique is best, and figuring out how to teach children may be overwhelming.

CALM FOCUS JOY: The Power Of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide For Adults And Children Results

Thompson hopes that her book will answer many of these questions, sort out the confusion, and help a beginner get started. Calm Focus Joy is written in easy-to-understand language and offers progressively challenging breath awareness lessons for adults and a special ten-step program for children. Supporting the practical lessons is a theoretical framework consisting of teaching strategies, read-aloud instructions for children, stories, answers to commonly asked questions, tips for organizing programs, and current scientific research—everything needed to learn breath awareness and then teach it to children.

I would highly recommend it to teachers and parents for their students and children. Heidi Thompson has been practicing breath awareness for almost 30 years. She was one of the first to introduce it into B. Let us do everything within our power to protect, nurture, and develop this precious commodity.

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