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Here are some of the public universities that have to abide by the University Act requiring the changes to tuition as per the above rules. Certain specialized Masters degree may have a slightly higher price tag though.

Germany proves tuition-free college is not a silver bullet for America’s education woes

This is true for all students, whether Norwegian, EU, or from any other part of the world. Your health insurance also automatically falls under the care of the National Insurance Scheme, as long as you are enrolled in a program of a duration greater than a year. All you have to keep in mind is the cost of living in Norway.

So while tuition will never be a concern, your daily meals might. Sweden is not as forgiving, about tuition, as some of the other Nordic countries like Finland or Norway. Cost of a degree depends on where you are from. You may be exempt from paying a single dime if you happen to be. Here are a list of some of the public universities where EU citizens can enjoy free education, in Sweden.

Yet another Nordic nation, its tuition fee policies are similar to that of Sweden.

✔ Top 10 countries that offer free education to international students

A glimpse of some of the universities, and their payment, are listed below. A highly multilingual nation, the teaching medium mainly follows French with some courses offered in English as well. While it may not be completely free, the tuition is comparatively low and manageable. We have listed some of the low cost education centers in Belgium.

Other categories that fall under the exemption include,. The same is true for private universities. Here are some of the public universities in Austria. As you can probably already guess, tuition in public universities is lower than private. Some of the universities have individual means to determine the cost of a degree.

Here are some public universities listed. Below are a list of a few more countries with excellent faculties at a reasonable fare. In the interest of not overwhelming the reader, we will stick to a few well known countries. You are strongly advised to follow the lead and check out what the rest of the European continent has in store.

University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Madrid, and University of Valencia, are some of the well known universities in Spain. Public universities, in France, predominantly use French as the teaching medium. The information above is subject to change and obviously begs your close attention, and thorough research, at the country, school and program of your choice. For completeness, we have provided the following links to finance your university degree abroad.

I am a btech ECE graduate who has completed 3yrs in IT industry and planning my MS in US what are the courses i have to prefer as my main focus is on business administration.

Mba is too costly I suppose give me and idea how things can work on. I am currently in my third year pursuing computer science from an average private uni. I have a mediocre Gpa around 6. Pls tell how good my prospectus look for getting an admit considering I do not have any financial constraints.

ARU in Cambridge and Chelmsford

I have done B. Hi sir!

I wish to get admitted to MBA course after my graduation. Is there good job opportunity after MBA who are from Arts background? Hi I am Jay and Currently i am pursuing my bachelors degree in jain college,bangalore and i am planning to go for MIM in UK or Canada can please suggest me which country is better and why? Thank you.

I want to give GMAT and have started preparing for it. My future plan is doing a job placed in Vedanta for 2 years and then going for MiM in Europe.

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Is this a good choice? Or should I go for MBA? I selected MiM because it requires very less work experience and the tuition fee is less too. Can you please guide me. I have gone through your articles and I am pretty enthusiastic about MiM. Looking for something else? Funding Your Education Every penny counts. Don't leave money on the table.

Cost of Studying and Living in Malaysia -

Test Prep Effective, affordable test prep for every step in your education. Test Prep. For every path there's a test, and for every test, there's Peterson's. Begin Your Prep Today! Why Peterson's? Higher education in Pakistan consists of colleges and universities where students seek education after finishing secondary school.

Universities in Karachi. It is a main seaport and financial center in Pakistan and has a total of 24 million people.

List of tuition free universities in Europe for international students

Universities in Lahore. Lahore is the cultural center of Pakistan with around 10 million inhabitants. Lahore is famous for its cuisine and architecture. Most books in Pakistan are also published in Lahore. Universities and other colleges are located in this city, including the University of the Punjab which is the oldest university in Pakistan. Universities in Islamabad. Islamabad is one of the most-developed cities in Pakistan.