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Dare is defined as to have courage or to challenge someone to do something that requires courage. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page. MLA Style "Dare. In YourDictionary.

Children's, Intermediate and Advanced Online English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Dictionary of American Regional English. All rights reserved. To be courageous or bold enough to do or try something: Go ahead and dive if you dare. Verb third-person singular simple present dare or dares, present participle daring, simple past and past participle dared intransitive To have enough courage to do something.

I wouldn't dare argue with my boss. To defy or challenge someone to do something I dare you to kiss that girl.

To have enough courage to meet or do something, go somewhere, etc. To terrify ; to daunt. To catch larks by producing terror through the use of mirrors, scarlet cloth, a hawk, etc. Usage notes Dare is a semimodal verb. The speaker can choose whether to use the auxiliary "to" when forming negative and interrogative sentences.

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  6. For example, "I don't dare to go" and "I dare not go" are both correct. Similarly "Dare you go? In negative and interrogative sentences where "do" is not used, the third-person singular form of the verb is usually "dare" and not "dares": "Dare he go? He dare not go.

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    The expression dare say , used almost exclusively in the first-person singular and in the present tense, means "think probable". It is also spelt daresay. Historically, the simple past of dare was durst.

    Dare | Synonyms of Dare by Lexico

    In the s, it was overtaken by dared , which has been markedly more common ever since. Noun plural dares A challenge to prove courage. Multiple reports from the Daily Telegraph , news.

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    8. The teen, a promising rugby player, had been drinking wine and sharing laughs with his buddies in the backyard of his North Shore, Sydney, home when a garden slug slimed its way across the concrete patio. Somebody challenged Sam to eat it. That's how it happened. The first thing Sam noticed was severe pain in his legs a few days later.

      His dad had suffered from multiple sclerosis — perhaps he had also become stricken with the disease?

      source Sam developed eosinophilic meningo-encephalitis, a disease associated with the parasite. Most people recover from the illness — even without medical intervention — but Sam was one of the few unlucky ones who suffer profound health problems. He slipped into a coma that lasted days.

      CEO Dare to Cure

      When he regained consciousness, it became clear that his brain had suffered serious and apparently permanent damage. He was left a quadriplegic, requiring round-the-clock care, breathing and feeding tubes, and bathroom assistance, according to the Daily Telegraph. Frequent seizures tormented him. He could not control his body temperature. According to Fox News , his mate Jimmy Galvin once apologized to Sam for not interceding and stopping him from taking the dare. When he did, Sam "just started bawling his eyes out," he said. Start receiving breaking news emails on wildfires, civil emergencies, riots, national breaking news, Amber Alerts, weather emergencies, and other critical events with the SFGATE breaking news email.

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